Margaret J. Fehrenbach, RDH, MS

Course Contents:




Piercing Sites

Tongue Piercing Methods

Tongue Piercing Specifics

Complications from Tongue Piercing

Jewelry Removal for Dental Procedures

Legal Concerns

Role of Dental Professional

Tongue Piercing Case Study
Questioning the Patient
Discussion with Patient
Dental Assessment
Radiographic Evaluation
Dental Treatment Plan
Case History Progress Notes
Future Case History Progress Notes
Notes for Patient FAQ Sheets


Test Questions
Answer Sheet
Course Evaluation


Course Objectives:

Tongue piercing is a trendy form of body art that allows for self-expression, particularly among adolescents.  While many in this group see this procedure as harmless, many complications can arise.  Dental professionals need to be able to counsel those patients who are thinking about or who have already participated in this practice.

Upon successful completion this of this course the participant will be able to:

Discuss the method and types of tongue piercing
List the potential complications that arise from the procedure
Identify the role of the dental professional with regard to tongue piercing
Offer alternative methods to prevent damage to the oral tissue
Develop the dental restorative treatment plan of a patient’s dental damage associated with jewelry


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